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Walking upright might be something that is taken for granted at times, like after a long day at work, or an intense and grueling week added to the ones before, and possibly this cycle has been the same for years, no one is immune to hard or disappointing times and occasionally we forget how fortunate we actually are, after all we woke up this morning and the ability to walk and talk for most of us its still there, so why the mental congestion, the constant yearning?


Nora had lived her life with this affliction and as with so many, she tried to escape it with whatever was at hand. Drink, drugs, deviant behavior, still the clouds continued to mass, until darkness was the constant. She was there, proverbial rock bottom this was the catch phrase every program, every counselor used it. It’s said that you have to get there before you can get out, so Nora tried. She tried AA, she tried NA, both with little success, until she stumbled into a Buddhist meditation class and something started to click, the words made sense, the people weren’t pushy or preachy and the mediations began to affect her mind positively, but she was still wary. She shared her experience with a wizened coworker, “You know the teachings are practical and positive and it all seems to be helping, but the people, I mean they’re as nice as they can be. I don’t know it just seems like were being brainwashed.” The coworker sat down his coffee and gave a long kind gaze and replied, “You know Nora, maybe your brain needs a little washing.”


The moral of this story being, when your mind is crowded with black clouds of delusion and filth, when you think you have no where to go and no hope of returning, collect some tools, have someone teach you some practical skills, ways to settle the mind, it’s simple, but not easy. We have to do the work, no one can change another’s mind, it is up to the individual. So if you’re every feeling mentally foggy or tarnished get in your toolbox and pull out the scrub brush and solution, it could be as simple as this, “If your brain gets too dirty, wash it.” 

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