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This year winter couldn’t even make it through February, it had pretty much blown its wad in December, but never fear spring has been huffing and puffing and trying to claw its way into existence since its predecessor gave up the ghost. Its main characteristic besides a warming trend, with possible moisture, perfect causes and conditions for new growth is the wind. Everybody hates the wind, for its velocity and strength, for its duration, but mainly for the matter that’s blown around, the turmoil, the real estate we wear in our eyes and teeth. As with everything that has been going on since the beginning the wind is merely fulfilling its reason for existence, to lift and scatter seeds and dirt, basically to instigate a needed change.


Modern humans seem to be freighted of this, but I suspect that it’s been this way since our first evolution. Change has always been met with resistance, but is a necessary component for all beings to survive, it cleanses the palate, it white washes the canvas, it spurs creativity transcending the upheaval into miraculous beauty. I’ve been contemplating this for a while now and for the first time ever I’m not fighting the change for there is no need, its been coming for some time now and I’ve gotten to know it. The stagnation that’s been festering for years has come to an end. Time is now to reimagine the future, hell the present. It’s time to heal and forget the sorrow, the abject misery that’s been hidden just beneath the surface. It’s time to let it drift away with the wind. It’s time for growth, its time truth, it’s time for change. 

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