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They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. It is also said, “Hell ain’t no bad place to be.” Somewhere between the fiery gates and the first cobblestones of intention is a lost highway that I’ve been traveling since I first fancied myself a songwriter. This is a journey of my choosing, and not one that I complain about, though it can be rough until the right vehicle comes along.




That’s when this long strange trip really began; the day I fell in with this outfit known as Saddlesores. I wasn’t looking for a writing partner, but I have to admit, as we blazed down the moonlit highway with the headlights off, I knew this was a match. Keith and I were in tune. We were coming from similar influences with different points of view, while having a shared interest in hard living and keeping to the motto, “It’s better to look good than feel good.” The one thing that has kept us on the path is the songs, always the songs. In coming this far, we have picked up, traveled with, and lost a variety of musicians, the majority of which gave up the ghost along the roadside in one way or another. Each hired gun, brought yet another angle of influence to the mix. With style and tenacity, we are one for all, all for one, blah, blah, blah… 


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