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Being a creative person, I’ve never really let public opinion effect, or more to the point change my art and that has always been a satisfying fact of my life. Friends, family, and others closer to my inner circle have never detracted from it either, if anything I’ve every said or done was a determent to their lives or beliefs it was never spoken or if it was they merely drifted into the shadows. 


For the past twenty-two months, I’ve been witnessing a transformation, which I’ve labeled the third act for that is exactly what it is. During this time of rebuilding and refocusing I have reached out to many whose connection I have lost over the years. This change is not a decision that has been arbitrarily put into action; it acts more like destiny, karmic structure, a realization. Not that I’m full of realizations, but if I have ever recognized anything as such, this would be it. Without doing the math it’s hard to say exactly how these rekindled friendships exist in the spectrum of spiritually, politics, or tolerance of different views and those who hold them. Suffice it to say that I have always collected acquaintances and friends with diverse beliefs and views. Many of which I disagree with, but accept and that’s the beauty of tolerance.


Politically, I believe the constitution of the United States of America to be the corner stone of our democracy and even though some key points, phrases, and amendments have been interpreted wildly and out of context, the foundation stands firmly held by this anchor.  I believe in the separation of church and state, we are the product of people wishing to be free from religious persecution and taxation without representation. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness includes the right to believe whatever you wish without fear of reprisal. Spiritually my beliefs are similar, no one is required to believe as I do, nor will I proselytize. I try never to harm anyone and am vehemently appose to killing. Some may find it hard to accept my friendship or find it hard to believe that I actually have friends with different views on so many subjects. I am speaking now primarily of my reconnected friends, for we haven’t been as close for the past twenty years or so. So, here it is, call it a mission statement, guidelines for living, or just my philosophy as it stands for the moment. I have voted for republicans, libertarians, democrats, greens and independences what ever my conscious dictates. I am morally grounded and accepting of others beliefs. All this being said, I’m not trying to prove anything, I’m merely trying to live a life, as close to the truth as possible and hopefully that will make me a good example for my grandchildren. 

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