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Like stars that collide and fuse as one, separated only by death, so are some human connections, true connections of heart felt love and trust. As you might figure these pairings are rare and some, dare I say most of us, never find that soulmate for lack of a better term. We go through the motions, we meet, we date, we choose, we marry; we try to pool all our emotional strength to have, to hold, to mold this union into a true connection, a true love. Seldom is this the case, throughout history there have been countless noble attempts and left behind are the tales, the fables, literature recounting the sadness, the woe, the yearning for that unmistakable oneness, that ever evasive true connection. This is certainly not a groundbreaking revelation; divorce statistics prove this hands down. Sometimes we forget and become careless or impatient. The rush to get one’s search out of the way and move on, or the lure of sex causes us to stumble and make premature discussions, resulting in general unhappiness, broken homes, and unstable lives for our children.


Some have faired better than others in this arena, forsaking the passion of love, for passionate work or causes-basically giving up. Many fall into this rut devoting all their creative energy and passion developing, building, and maintaining this ideal above everything else. Being driven in this way is productive and most time satisfying, until you’re out there in the midnight beneath millions of stars and asteroids and the truth settles in: What is it that you have accomplished? What is it that you have to take solace in and who will you share it with? Who is it that you celebrate these successes with? Is this all there ever was, just the work, just the accomplishment? What has been the point of this kind of life? Hopefully one has this with their children if with no one else, but that’s not always the case. If you look back upon a life to gain perspective on how it’s been lived, one might find that a little compassion, a little tenderness; caring for someone other than oneself goes a long way and creates a comfort zone that only comes from this kind of behavior. I’m sure this isn’t everyone’s outcome, but I know that most receive more pleasure from giving that receiving. It’s hard to beat the feeling one gets from bestowing a gift, just step outside of the ordinary, open your mind to the flood of appreciation and good will, not a bad place to be. 

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