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Being born in a little mountain town barely big enough for the hospital where the certificate of my birth was stamped was a fitting entrance to the rat race than has ensued. Living in that natural fortress and playground is where I gained my strength of mind and body, as well as a wild spirit taken from this wilderness, which transformed to wanderlust ingrained in my DNA, when I reached the age of its ripening and I followed those yearnings over and over to the eight directions and all points in between. I traveled with friends, I traveled with enemies some friends let me down some enemies saved my life. I no longer use the term “enemy”, it seems cut and dried, hostel and I no longer have space in my life for the mind numbing anger that is produced from that way of thinking. This allows more time for contemplation and reflection, time to notice and enjoy the absolute beauty of the world around us and the beings we share it with.


Bullets have been dodged and death knells have failed and in the distance like the last leg of a beautiful journey I am imagining home, before the faint glow teases the approach that will take some time to reach and there is time.  Time to love my children, time to teach their children, to enjoy the southern desert sunsets, to be proud of my son with his broad shoulders and quick wit, to be proud of my daughter with her real beauty and strength of mind, and to watch my progeny cure into middle age, hopefully learning some hard lessons from the old man without having to live through them. I’ve always been an optimist, a glass half full kind of guy and I’m putting my money on twenty years. That’s a fair amount of time and I don’t think when its over I will have outstayed my welcome. Just enough to write the best songs I’ve ever written, just enough to allow my heart to flood with the love that’s been damned up for so long. I’m talking to you, welcome me home, walk with me to the wilderness, love me from the clear light.  

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